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Nom de la ressource :

  • Manuscripta Mediaevalia (MM)
  • Handschriftenportal (HSP - variant information concerning this project in italics)


Électronique/papier (adresse, références) :


Langue des manuscrits : Latin, german, further vernacular languages (french, italian), greek.


Limites chronologiques :

  • MM :No strict limits, but focus lies on medieval manuscripts; modern autographs or personal papers are no subject to the database.
  • HSP: Medieval and modern book-manuscripts.


Limites géographiques :

  • MM : Basically focused on German institutions (libraries, archives).
  • HSP: Designed to be the central portal for the cataloguing and digitization of book-manuscripts in German institutions.


Nombre de manuscrits : Approximately 120.000 documents on about 115.000 manuscripts.


Type de description :

  • MM: All levels of description from various cataloguing traditions and ways of data gathering are present: 35.000 scientific descriptions in full text, 40.000 scientific descriptions as index entries, 35.000 converted documents from older catalogues and inventories, 5.000 dummies with links to catalogue-images.
  • HSP: Different cataloguing- (old - new, scientific - inventory) and data-qualities (full-text - index-only) shall be marked.


Modalités de description du contenu des mss. : The content-descriptions basically follow the cataloguing-rules of the DFG (german research foundation). Older descriptions and inventories may vary from this.


Sources d’informations :  Sources for gathered data are either primary data-capturing of descriptions or the conversion of various types of manuscript catalogues. Both sources are originally based on autopsy. Selected older catalogue-data has subsequently been complemented by current information.


Référentiels utilisés pour les cotes :

  • MM : Owning institution gives guidance for respective catalogue. Shelf-mark-information from catalogue is transferred into the data. Incoherent (shelf-mark)-data has partly been normalized.
  • HSP : Project will talk back to owning institutions for an authority-syntax of their shelf marks. This syntax will be applied to the existing data. Information will be handed to the GND (Gemeinsame Normdatei) as authority-data for reuse (class: works - cultural objects).


Référentiels utilisés pour les noms de personnes (et collectivités) et les textes :

  • MM : For personal names: GND as authority file. Literary works, place-names, institutions as well as personal names who are not (yet) part of the GND undergo MM-internal standardization.
  • HSP :GND-linking for persons, institutions, place-names and literary works.


Liens vers d’autres ressources en ligne :

  • HSP : Linking to WZIS (watermarks) and EBDB (binding) (SRU ?); data-exchange with partners (locally/regionally and/or thematically oriented services).


Informations complémentaires sur les manuscrits présents dans la ressource :

  • MM : Links to manuscript images (internal and distributed services), 13.000 objects. Links to local electronic bibliographical documentations in Munich and Wolfenbüttel.
  • HSP : Aims to be complete index of all digitized manuscripts in German institutions (integration of and linking to images).


Identifiants stables (cotes, personnes, textes, etc.); nature (significatifs ou non, etc.)

  • MM : All descriptions have permanent adresses; not indicative.
  • HSP : Permanent adresses for all entities (descriptions and their parts: binding, texts, fragments etc.; persons, institutions, literary works).


Autres ressources papier/électroniques sur le même domaine (langue, aire géographique, etc.) :

  • German manuscripts: Handschriftencensus
  • Illustrated German manuscripts: KdiH
  • Distributed local ressources (library or archival online-catalogues)


Date de création : MM : Started 1996, online since 2000.


Projet en préparation/ en cours /achevé :

  • MM : Running ; shall be replaced by HSP.
  • HSP : DFG-funding applied for. Project could start in 2018.


Noms et coordonnées des responsables :

  • MM :

Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München
Deutsches Dokumentationszentrum für Kunstgeschichte, Foto Marburg

  • HSP :

Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München
Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig (HSP-project-partner)
Herzog-August-Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel (HSP-project-partner)


Nombre de collaborateurs réguliers :

  • MM : Currently three employees in the supporting institutions.
  • HSP : Group of project-cooperators.


Modalités d’interactions avec les autres institutions culturelles, patrimoniales et de recherche :  MM is and HSP will be supervised by the consortium of German manuscript centres and its international scientific board of advisers.

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